Megasteel is the largest stockholder and distributor of steel for the prestressing and post-tensioning of concrete in the UK. We specialise in the distribution of steel for the prestressing of concrete, and while our products disappear into concrete and are never seen again, they are vital in providing prestressed concrete with its strength.
We are not owned by a steel mill, and act as an entirely independent steel supplier. We are very proud of our reputation in the industry as a highly dependable, straightforward and long term business partner.

steel wire


Indented prestressing wire to BS5896:2012 and all other leading international standards.

steel strand


Plain and indented strand to BS5896:2012 and all other leading international standards. 

Steel wire & strand dispenser

Dispensers & Other Products

In addition to Wire and Strand we also supply our own unique design of strand dispenser and other products including specialist meshes.

Steel wire & strand dispenser

Sheet Metal

Recently acquired Sweetnam & Bradley Ltd are market leaders in sheet metal fabrication, assembly and finishing. Offering a 'one-stop' manufacturing solution. With technical help from design to completion.

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What is Prestressing and Post Tensioning?

Prestressed or post tensioned concrete is a method for overcoming concrete's natural weakness in tension. It can be used to produce beams, floors
or bridges with a longer span than is practical with ordinary reinforced concrete. 

Prestressing is where the steel wire or strand is tensioned before the concrete is poured.  Once the concrete has cured, the wire or strand are released putting the concrete into compression.  Prestressing wire and strand are used in the manufacture of precast concrete T beams for beam and block concrete floors, precast concrete hollow core, solid slabs, railway sleepers and prefabricated buildings.

Post tensioning is where the strand is tensioned after the concrete has been poured.  After the concrete has set, the strand is then tensioned and secured. Post tensioning strand is used in floor slabs for multi storey buildings, nuclear containment vessels, water tanks, natural gas tanks and many other concrete structures.

Wire & Strand - Specifications

Dimensions and Properties of Low Relaxation Wire and Strand for Pre-stressed Concrete.

All Wire is manufactured to BS5896:2012 or any other internationally recognized standard.

Coil Weight and Dimensions – Wire is usually supplied in coil weights of approx. 2.3T. Strand is usually supplied in coil weights of approx. 3T.

Other coil weights are available on request.

All material is supplied wrapped unless otherwise requested.

BS5896:2012 Prestressing Wire and Strand

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Prestressing Wire & Strand specifications

The modulus of elasticity may be taken as 205 kN/mm2 for wire and 195 kN.mm2 for strand
The permitted deviation on weight per metre is +/- 2%

Plastic Coated Strand - Specifications

for unbonded post tensioning projects

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Plastic coated strand specifications
plastic coated strand

Weights per Metre

Steel strand wrapped
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Plastic coated strand weights per meter

Dispensers & Other Products

Steel wire & strand dispenser by Megasteel

With over 30 years experience we have a unique understanding of the use of pre-stressing wire and strand. We are happy to share this experience with our customers.  If you need any help or advice just ask.

We have developed our own unique design of strand dispenser which helps to prevent
tangling of strand during dispensing. Please ask for more detail.

Click here to see How to Load a Coil Dispenser > 

We also supply special wire mesh and other steel products for the use in construction. If you have any special requirements, please ask us!

Steel wire mesh for contruction
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