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Prestressing wire and strand is one of the strongest /hardest steel available and cutting it can be dangerous and difficult. If you use a standard bolt cropper you will find that it very quickly goes blunt and no longer cuts, if you use a circular saw you risk a blade breaking – and the consequences that may cause. Krenn strand and wire cutters have been specially designed to cut the very hard steel of prestressing wire and strand with blades that are even harder! The blades are triangular and can be rotated easily to keep the cutting edge sharp!

We offer four different wire and strand cutters:

BA200 08 – for cutting 5mm wire
BA220 12 – for cutting 7mm wire
BA220 14 - for cutting 9.3mm strand
BA340 RS16 – for cutting 12.5mm strand

In addition, cutting the straps on the strand with ‘tin snips’ can cause injuries when the straps spring back and so with Krenn we have developed one handed and two strap cutters with ‘safety grips’ that prevent the strap from springing loose.

BA 710 KHB 200 - Steel strapping cutter - one handed with safety grip
BA 710 KHB 450 - Steel strapping cutter - two handed with safety grip.

All of the parts of the cutters can be easily replaced if they get damaged or worn – please contact us for a parts and price list.

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